Sunday, June 10, 2012

These are a Few of my Favorite Things {June 10}

Good Afternoon!

It's Sunday! A cat nap was so necessary earlier this afternoon and the blog hit 2000 visits! Horray! Thank you so much everyone for checking my blog out! For now, here's this week's favorite things :)

Brand new posts!
} This week's Saturday's Adventures

Places that I loved this week:
} I've been thinking about crocheting some new place-mats for my home this week. Here are some ones that I've been thinking about trying: [Simple and Modern] [Pretty Country] [Delicate and Feminine] There's also a whole lot of place-mat ideas on various yarn websites. I headed out to buy some yarn today to start making them, can't wait to show you guys which one I decided on!

} This is finally a week that I'm able to catch up on the issues of The Kit, a free online magazine that has a huge focus on hair and beauty.
} How Do I Put This Gently? is one of my new favorite Tumblr blogs. So many of her posts relate to my life hahaha.

} Growing out your hair? Try these tips from Beauty Bets!

} I love Sweet Paul's blog and amazing photography skills with food. They'll be releasing a new desktop wallpaper weekly and I'm super excited!

} The Oatmeal had this hilarious post on the Pros and Cons of Living with your Significant Other. I can totally see Jim and I in a few of these situations if we did live together.

Tonight I will be DIY-ing my own mask with inspiration from [this] Yves Rocher Mask with Lemon Zest.

I'll be mixing some leftover lemon zest from the lemon poppy seed loaf recipe, witch hazel, and lemon. I'll tell you how it goes! :)

Momo says Hi! :)
Enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend!


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