Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday Adventures - June 2

A great day starts off with a great breakfast! Coffee, a sliced avacado, an over-hard egg topped with some black pepper, and a piece of toast with some organic almond butter. Best breakfast I've had for a while!
Hi readers!

Saturdays will officially be my days off from make-up talk and write a little about what my own Saturdays are like (they're usually pretty simple). I think that this will be a great way for you guys to know a bit about me, and what I'm like. Your comments will be so fantastic on these posts because I would also love to hear what your week or weekend was like too!

Now onto the post!

I'm heading back to Hillwood on Monday for the rest of the summer, which I am very excited about because I get to see my family! I always like to bring something small for everyone when I get home, so today I went out and looked to see what was around.

The stores in downtown Kingston are great because they provide such a great variety of items that you can buy. There are clothing stores, craft stores, board game stores, restaurants, organic stores, and so much more. I stopped by the few stores in which I thought that I could find some unique stuff for my parents and brother.

My first stop was Wallack's Art Supplies. They have anything and everything paint/drawing/clay modelling related in their store at reasonable prices. I love going into Wallack's because I can always find something that I can get creative with, especially during the weekends when I'm bored. From Wallack's I bought a mini easel and a mini mannequin and canvas set for my brother. Isn't it super cute?

After Wallack's I went to Minotaur. Minotaur is a cute little shop that sell toys, games, and knitting/crochet/beading items. This store is so unique and I always spend a long time in there because they have so much cool new stuff every time I go! The yarn and crochet hooks I use when I crochet all come from here and so do all the buttons/pendants that I apply onto my crafts. To finish off my mom's crochet slippers, I bought two beautifully designed I'm-really-not-sure-what-they're-called-things. I also bought two arrows and birds because I'm planning on making a Hunger Games inspired pair of crochet slippers soon.

I love how beautiful these charms are ♥
I also stopped by the Farmer's Market, Tara's Natural Foods, and Indigo. I was going to make a lemon poppy seed loaf in the afternoon, so my flour and poppy seeds were found in Tara's Natural Foods. I also bought some almond milk (om nom nom)! I didn't find much at the Farmer's Market, although they had beautiful flowers. Indigo is having a promotion on books, but you had to buy three to get one free, and so I just bought Allure's June issue.

When I got home I got started on making the Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf (just like the ones at Starbucks!) following the recipe from Canadian Living (found here). It turned out so beautifully, but I can't eat it yet because there's a 12 hour waiting period after it bakes before you can actually cut it. If you're going to use this recipe, given the amount of lemon zest and juice required, I used approximately two large lemons. So if you have some old lemons hanging around the fridge, a lemon poppy seed loaf would be a great idea to try!

Here's me mixing up the butter and the sugar. What a difficult task when the butter's cold!
The recipe's super easy to follow and to bake. I would love to hear your comments if you are going to try the recipe!

Tonight I went to my boyfriend's grandmother's for dinner. It was delicious and I'm stuffed! For dessert, his grandmother made applesauce. I never had such good applesauce in my life! It was a way more delicious than your regular store-bought applesauce. Yum :)

Now I just completed my mom's slippers and am feasting on a Kinder Surprise while watching some classic Disney's Snow White. The boyfriend's coming over tonight and maybe I'll cut up the lemon poppy seed loaf early (just to see what it tastes like!).

Left: My mom's pair of slippers ; Right: My pair of slippers

I assembled a sailboat!

Wow was that ever a long post! What a Saturday! Tomorrow there will be a post on some fun links if you have some time during the day for browsing.

How's your weekend coming along?
I hope it's going great!


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