Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's been almost a month...

DIY Crayon Hearts [Image from Whipper Berry]
... Since my last post! I guess I haven't been keeping up well with my resolutions :( However, I do have reviews for you coming up soon and also some interesting links if you have some spare time today!...

For now, here are this weeks' most interesting links:

♥ How Cetaphil is not good for your skin (or anyone's skin!) [You're kidding right?!] [Here's some backup to those claims]

♥ Valentine's Day is quickly approaching! Still pondering about what to get your sweetheart? This simple and adorable DIY mixed crayon heart from Whipper Berry will make anyone smile!

♥ Ever wonder which combinations of skin products work well together or cancel each other out? Well here is a great post from Beautylish on which ingredients do not mix!

♥ Creative office supply company, Knock-Knock, has announced the release of new interchangeable stuffed animals for kids named Clump-o-Lumps (what a cute name!) The animals are divided into 3 sections, and can be taken apart and mixed with other Clump-o-Lumps. Talk about an innovative idea! My favorites are Tig-o the Tiger and the Bird-o the Bird. What do you think?

BB creams are all the rage atm in the western beauty world. Did you purchase one yet? Here's a video on how a youtube beauty guru applies her BB cream!

The Superbowl is on tonight! Hope the team that you're rooting for wins! As for me, I will be finishing up the review post and also my homework instead of watching the game. (I'm not a huge sports fan, so it's alright with me!)

Talk to you all soon!


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