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[Review] Physician’s Formula’s Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio for Brown Eyes

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Wow has it ever been a busy month! Assignments, gatherings, and events just keep on piling up one after another. I apologize for not posting more and sooner, though I do have some reviews already written, so those will be up soon! This week will be a bit busy for me, but I will definitely post up more reviews during this weekend.
Physician’s Formula’s Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio for Brown Eyes; Comes in 3 Shades: (Shimmery) Black, Purple, and Brown
Now on to the review!...

Physician’s Formula’s Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio for Brown Eyes

I normally love Physician’s Formula; however this product was a huge disappointment. These eyeliners are a part of their Shimmer Strips Collection, which includes some other shadows and liners. Most of them have three general shades designed for your eye color. Since my eyes are brown, I purchased the brown eyes set. You can buy other sets too if you like the other shades better. I prefer the regular black and brown, and the purple was just a plus! Also, I bought this with a rebate, so it was a good product for me to test it out.

Price: On sale for $13.99 CND at Shoppers Drug Mart (and I got a rebate of $9!) The regular price is $16.99 (although I imagine it to be slightly cheaper at Walmart and in the States)

- Hypoallergenic and Fragrance Free
- Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
- Paraben free
- 100% Waterproof (*although I did not test this product out in the water (while swimming, etc.), I find it difficult to remove during my nightly cleansing ritual.)

Swatches - No Flash (Left to Right): (Shimmery) Black, Purple, and Brown
What I Love:
- Beautiful shades and pigment (as shown in the pictures, just one stroke and you get tons of colour!)

- Glides on easily. The eyeliners are super smooth and easy to apply.

- Long lasting colour! This liner lasts all day long, however, it does smudge quite a bit, so be sure to dab some eye-shadow over it to avoid raccoon eyes!

What I dislike:
- Horrible design. The brown one (as you can see from the pictures) already broke from just 2 uses. It could’ve just been me being too forceful on the pencil itself when I was applying the product, but if it broke this early on, then I’m afraid of breaking the other two also. The lid is also terrible because I’ve already accidentally scraped off the tip of my black one with the rims of the lid. You can’t even sharpen this eyeliner because of the strange triangular design, unless you have a large sized sharpener.

- Smudges easily.
Swatches - With Flash (Left to Right): (Shimmery) Black, Purple, and Brown
Compared to many other drugstore brands, this eyeliner is not a winner. The design itself outweighs the Pros because there are plenty of other eyeliners out there which are cheaper and designed better, and provides the same amount of pigment and results. I would not recommend this eyeliner if you have other choices (such as Rimmel’s Kajal Eyeliner – which is one of my favorites!). However if you have sensitive eyes, you might want to give this one a shot (I would not suggest tight-lining your eyes though, especially if you wear contacts).

Price: Without the rebate, I would give this a 2/5 (I would never pay the sale/full price for a product designed like this)

Packaging (Design): 2/5

Pigment: 5/5

Wear: 3/5

Grade: B-

Have you tried any of the Physician's Formula products before? Normally they make great stuff! Unfortunately this one was a huge design miss. If you are out looking to try something from them, I would suggest their Happy Booster Blush (which also comes with a rebate right now). I have one and it's adorable and goes on so well! It's actually on my already reviewed/need to post list, so keep an eye out for a review if you're unsure!

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I went shopping around for a Valentine's day present for my boyfriend today. It's so hard shopping for guys, but I think I found something that he'll like. I did buy a Gears of War 3 poster for myself, even though I didn't play the game yet, I'm super excited to start during the summer!

It's only Tuesday, but I'm already looking forward towards the weekend. These two weeks will be hectic because many of my mid-terms are coming up AND it's going to be Valentine's day in a week! What's your week looking like? Have you started shopping for Valentine's day yet?


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