Sunday, January 8, 2012

[Review] fresh's Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo

Good Evening Everyone! :)

Like I guessed, I was not able to post yesterday. Although I did have a great 3rd month dinner with my boyfriend and it was so great seeing him again. He even showed up at my bus stop with roses when he came to pick me up, which was so wonderful of him and they are lovely ♥. Before I left to come back to Kingston though, I made a small trip to Scarborough Town Center's Sephora to pick up my Beauty Insider birthday present!

Last year they gave out a mini version of Philosophy's Vanilla Birthday Cake shower gel. This year they're giving out mini versions of fresh's Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment with SPF 15 and Sugar Lip Treatment with SPF 15. These two are named...

Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo

The Packaging Box

Price: Free on/near your birthday at your nearest Sephora when you are a Beauty Insider (their rewards program)

If you were to buy these products at their full sizes, they would be $22.50 USD each.

Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment - nourishes, softens, and protects lips with a hint of colour
Sugar Lip Treatment - provides moisture to lips
I have never purchased any of fresh's products before, although I have seen them at Sephora and have always wanted to try out their Sugar Lip Treatment. This gave me the opportunity to try it out and I am very impressed by the quality and the design of both of these products!

The Description of the Products on the Back Of The Box with the Two Products (they really are quite tiny!)

What I Love:
- Sweet, candy-like scent (similar to Skittles)
- Long lasting moisture - even enough for the harsh Canadian winter!
- Sugar Rose goes on with a light reddish tint, which would go well with any skin tone. This shade is casual enough for everyday use.
- You get a choice of applying with/without color because there are two!
- Cute, convenient packaging. Their twist open design is also genius! No more worrying about the cap falling off.

What I dislike: Nothing! I love these two products!

All-in-all: This is an amazing birthday gift that Sephora is giving out this year. Don't miss your chance to try out these two lip 'treatments' (I would call them more of a lip balm) when it's near your birthday! After trying these, I am considering to purchase the Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment because of the pretty, natural-looking tint it gives to my lips.

Left Product: Sugar Lip Treatment (no colour); Right Product: Sugar Rose Lip Treatment (Red Tint)

Price: 6/5 (because it was FREE!)
Packaging: 5/5
Moisturizing: 5/5
Grade: A+

How was your weekend everyone? I hope yours went as well as mine did! I spent today at my boyfriend's place watching movies and football. It was a really relaxing day before classes begin again tomorrow, which I guess I am looking forward to because that will give me something to do, versus sitting around all day (haha).

See you all soon!



  1. Ooohhh I'm so excited to get mine in April!!!

    1. You're going to love it! :) It's by far one of their best birthday presents yet! :)