Friday, January 6, 2012

Fabulous Friday!

Just chillin' at the dining table drinking some green tea and registering my Menchie's card

Hi Everyone! 

It's the second time I'm back today because I'm not certain if I'm able to post tomorrow. So I will be posting some fun stuff for you all to take a look at for the weekend if you're feeling like you want to try something new!

♥ For Christmas, I made my friends a crocheted cup cozy. It was super easy and very customizable (you can sew on buttons, names, etc.) Seeing as how I never crocheted before, I needed an easy pattern to follow and found one on Ami's Crocheting Tumblr page.

♥ Got only a minute to spare? No worries, here's a website that generates your unicorn name! That's right. Unicorn. Mine is Poppy Blue Pony, who is quick-witted, bright as a spark, blue as the sky, brings the sunshine and chases away the clouds. I think that I would love myself as a pony!

♥ Today I tried out Nair's Au Naturel Milk and Honey Roll-On wax and I absolutely loved it! Mostly I loved the fact that it was WASHABLE and there was barely any mess (compared to my usual Parissa brand wax). A review will be up soon, but if you're looking for a wax, then I would highly suggest this one! (There's also a coupon on their website if you want to print one off and get one for a cheaper price :)!)

♥ Class is starting soon for me, so that means I won't have the time to spend more than 5 minutes on my makeup. I'm planning to try this simple Burberry make-up look (with dupes) for the rest of the school year!

♥ Song of the moment: It just makes me want to dance around the house (and go clubbing!)

♥ Are you working out this weekend? Was going to the gym a part of your new year's resolution? Here's an easy, no-equipment-required workout for you to try if you have no idea where to start or if you want to switch it up a bit!

I leave you all with a picture of Mozart looking to see if there's food in his bowl for dinner because I'm going to go make some dinner now too.

"Where's my dinner?"

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


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