Saturday, June 18, 2011

Simple Saturdays

Good Afternoon :D

It's finally the weekend! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful, sunny day!

Clear Skies :)

Saturdays for me are for sleeping in, work, and shopping haha. Although today I didn't get to sleep in because I had to go for an orientation for a summer volunteer position. Still have my students to teach and then I'm off to Vaughn Mills! (horray!)

Oh and Paul Rudd is the guy of the week :P

Paul Rudd ♥
Did you know he's 42?! Holy begeesus! What a hunk ;)

Have a super weekend :D!



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  2. omg! i think that health should be the most important thing to us, and then, would come beauty and money s:
    And no, i've never tried the gradual sunless tanning creams. The ones i've tried made effect very fast, in like 12 hours or something. But this year i won't use more tanning creams because they smell bad (ahah, some of them!) and because i never can apply them without imperfections :x
    But if i decide to use one i'll buy that one from Nivea that you recommended, thanks for the tip*
    ps: if you want i can put you on my blog links so you can get more visitors! hehe :)
    Kiss, Lisa <3