Thursday, March 24, 2011

{Tea-time Thursday} + Retail Therapy!

Hi Everyone! :)

Welcome to Catch Up! ; a place where I catch myself up on what's going on in life because as you know, life gets hectic sometimes :P

recap in less than 3:
Today was busy; 8:30 am classes are never fun, but I made it! Aside from boring class, I went to the public school in which I'm hoping to complete my practicum in (fingers crossed!) and then off to work. Then some shopping, visited the next year (actually MAY) house, and now home for the night to complete some work :)

Today I tried some Forbidden Fruit tea from David'sTea. It was delicious! There were hints of fig, honeydew and watermelon; there were also carrots and safflower pedals, but those were hard to taste. Definitely a good choice for anyone who likes a sweet fruity tea!

highlight of the day:
SHOPPING of course!

What I got:
♥ Tights
♥ Knock-Knock note pads
♥ The Walking Dead comics

a) Love the tights, they were on sale at Urban Outfitters for $5 - originally $16! (If you did not know, I only buy clothes on sale, I'm too much of a cheap-o to pay full price for anything... also too poor.)

See the bow? It's just the cutest thing. :)

b) The Knock-Knock note pads were from Urban Outfitters too, each were $2.99 (AGAIN, on sale!). The blue one says "Check Yourself" and the brown one says "Go to Hell". I can imagine these to be useful during the most inappropriate times.

"Check yo' self before you wreck yo' self, fool"

The "you already look it" option is like me every morning, it's so great.

c) And of course, the Walking Dead comics (LOVE!) are my favorite purchases today :P. I was hooked on these all last weekend, took me 3 days to finish all 83 issues that they've released and so I NEEDED to get my own copies!

Got the most recent two issues (it was all they had at the comic book store, you should have seen the strange look the guy at the cash register gave me when I walked in. The place also smelled like a nerdy-boy. You know what I'm talking about.)

So yeah, that was my day. Seemed to be pretty good. How was your day? Did you try out a new flavor of tea like I did? Or stick to a classic? (Although I highly doubt anyone to read this post as it is my first one, please comment if you are reading!)

Have a beauteaful Thursday! :)


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