Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday&Saturday catch-up!

Hello world!

Some African Red Bush Tazo tea from yesterday afternoon ♥

It's 5:30pm already and today has been quite busy. I feel the need to go get myself one of those delicious teas to re-energize myself for the rest of the day.

Today is Saturday (and Sunday comes after... wards) and I apologize for not posting yesterday, I got caught up in a LOT of homework. Same with today, but I realized that I needed a break so here I am!

Friday recap in less than 3:
Went to class and promised myself the night before that I would be more productive and outgoing, so I smiled at the guy who always sits beside me and we had a few chuckles at what the prof said. Didn't go teach because I cancelled it last week for the massive amount of homework I had (blah), and really did spend the rest of the night doing homework till 1 in the morning. Got my piano practicing done in the afternoon though, HORRAY!

recap in less than 3:
Shopping in the morning. Homework in the afternoon. MORE homework to come at night, and I didn't even get to practice piano yet :(.

Highlight of the day
Again, SHOPPING! (I'm telling ya, it's my favorite sport!)

What I got:
♥ Lush tin
♥ Night cream / serums

a) The Lush tin was for my message bar that I got in Ottawa a month ago. I originally kept the bar in the bag that it came in, but my dorm room is so dusty that when I took out the bar, it had a layer of dust on it. So I decided that it was time for a tin.

I like shiny, non-dusty things.

PS. The bar itself is phenomenal! It's moisturizing and smells so organic ☺ Definitely worth giving a try! (Just be sure to buy a Lush tin too!)

b) The Body Shop is currently having a promotion, buy any three items in the store for $30! (Excluding gift sets and makeup) YES this means the body butters, body washes, face products, EVERYTHING! And so, I got myself a new night cream and two face serums, one for me and one for my mommy :)

I'll tell you how it goes once I give them a try. My previous experience with the face products from The Body Shop has been good, so hopefully these would be good too.

Well, you have all just been caught up on my weekend so far. How has your week been? What are some of your weekend plans? I know that mine is just going to consist of more homework. WHY school? WHY must you decide to have everything due on the same week? Seriously the amount of homework atm is ridiculous.

Hope that you're having a fantastic, stress-free, homework-free weekend! (unlike yours truly)


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